Aargent Networks is a provider to small and medium sized businesses. Providing turnkey networks is our specialty. With a knowledgeable, trained staff we install complete network infrastructures from the jacks to the switches to the router as well as the workstations and server. We create secure and reliable networks that are secure, reliable and HIPAA compliant.

Enterprise level router solutions that can provide gateway security against viruses and malware as well as content filtering. HIPAA compliant mobile and site to site VPN connections. Using that along with a managed anti-virus solution we can create a multi-layer security blanket to keep your network secure.

For larger offices we create a seamless network with multiple managed wireless access points as well as expanded networks or campuses we can connect with wireless bridges with 2+ GBPS speeds.

These are just some of the services that we can offer. Please feel free to contact us to enquire what we can do for you.